Public Meetings

In collaboration with the Department of Defense (DoD), Sandia and the Department of Energy (DOE) provide information about ongoing environmental activities at semi-annual public meetings in New Mexico.  One meeting is held in the spring and one in the fall.  These meetings are typically at a community center near Kirtland Air Force Base.

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2024 Public Meeting Dates

The date of the April 2024 Public Meeting will be announced after the new year.

You may join the virtual meeting using this link:


  • Meeting Agenda


  • Environmental Restoration Overview Slides
  • Burn Site Groundwater (BSG) Investigation
  • Tijeras Arroyo Groundwater (TAG) Investigation
  • Technical Area-V Groundwater (TA-V) Investigation
  • Stormwater Management

Past Public Meeting Materials

RCRA Information/Permit Status Reports:

Environmental Restoration Operations Status Reports:

MS4 Stormwater Permit Report