STEM Day for Girls

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Stem Day for Girls is an annual event to celebrate Women’s History Month with local middle school students, who are introduced to women professionals from a variety of fields and backgrounds at Sandia. The event is an opportunity for students to meet fellow students and collaborate with women professionals while learning about Sandia and STEM.

Participants will work through an interactive disaster scenario, called a PREP Activity, using problem solving strategies adopted from the Sandia’s PREP Tool. Throughout the globe STEM professionals use this tool to prepare for real-life disasters.  

Students are assigned to groups, each with a Sandia professional who then facilitates the exercise. The students adopt hypothetical roles of STEM professionals, building their communication skills and STEM knowledge by collaborating between groups to lead and develop solutions for the disaster scenario.

To learn more about the STEM Day for Girls PREP Activity, visit our Lab News Article: Girls Get World-Class Experience, featuring the 2020 STEM Day for Girls Prep Activity where students met a panel of diverse women professionals and problem solved a bubonic plague scenario.

To register your scholar for the next STEM Day for Girls event click here.

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