These are goals in which Pollution Prevention (P2) participates, supports, or manages.

Environmental Management Systems

  • Continue implementation of existing Environmental Management Systems. (EO 13514)
  • Department of Energy (DOE) will build on existing Environmental Management Systems to implement goals articulated in the Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan. (DOE SSPP) (DOE O 436.1)

Sustainable Acquisition

  • Ensure 95% of new contracts each year require sustainable acquisition. (EO 13514) (DOE SSPP)
  • Ensure procurement preference for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)-registered electronic products. (EO 13514)
    • Sandia will achieve 90% EPEAT Gold applicable purchases
  • Procure Energy Star and Federal Energy Management Program designated electronic equipment. (EO 13514)

Waste Reduction

  • Zero Waste by 2025
  • Divert 50% or more of non-hazardous solid waste. (EO 13514) (DOE SSPP)
  • Divert 50% or more of construction and demolition waste. (EO 13514) (DOE SSPP)
  • Increase diversion of compostable and organic material. (DOE SSPP)
    • Reduce plastic contamination and increase organic materials diverted. (SNL SSP)
  • Disposition all excess electronic products in an environmentally sound manner. (EO 13514) (DOE SSPP)
  • Reduce waste generation by increasing sustainable purchasing and recycling. (DOE SSPP)

Source Reduction

  • Implement source reduction to minimize waste and pollutant generation. (EO 13514)
  • Minimize the acquisition, use, and disposal of toxic and hazardous materials. (EO 13514) (DOE SSPP)
  • Reduce paper use. (EO 13514) (DOE SSPP)