Virtual STEM Resources

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Virtual STEM Resources

Discover Sandia – See how Sandians are applying STEM to inspire and innovate solutions to some of the most challenging problems faced by our nation and world by visiting Sandia’s YouTube channel.

Why Did I Become a Scientist? – Sandia’s employees share why they chose careers in science and engineering.

Meet Sandia’s Interns – Learn about our interns and their wide range of work at Sandia

Home Resources Featured by Sandia Partners and other Department of Energy Labs

Scientific Adventures– Enjoy fun and interactive STEM mini lessons and projects with household items.

STEM Rising– the Department of Energy presents interactive learning resources specially designed to promote STEM education to students from kindergarten to college as well as individuals working in STEM fields.

Techbridge Girls– Explore an award-winning STEM curriculum featuring a variety of design challenges and motivational learning activities. 

The Lawrence Hall of Science– Discover engaging science videos, award-winning educational apps, online science discovery camps, and Covid-19 learning resources. 

Brookhaven National Laboratory– Have fun trying a variety of STEM activities and solving STEM challenges ranging in difficulty to receive a digital Discover Brookhaven certificate. 

National Renewable Energy Laboratory– Enjoy scheduled virtual story times followed by activities led by STEM educators as well as a scheduled electrical grid science experiment series. 

Jefferson Science Education– Explore Frostbite Theater containing a range of videos on science experiments using liquid nitrogen and oxygen, as well as videos on experiments that can be done at home.

Idaho National Laboratory– Access a STEM resource library available for educators, students, and parents. 

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory– Enjoy a series of presentations outlining a wide range of experiments that are well-aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and have been piloted in high school physics classrooms. 

Science on Saturday with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory- Engage in a series of science lectures for middle and high school students featuring  cutting-edge science occurring at the lab presented by scientists and local science teachers.