Pollution Prevention (P2) promotes awareness about Sandia’s environmental impact and how to reduce the impact both internally to the workforce and externally to the public. These overlap when the workforce takes home the attitude of continuous improvement toward the environment.

Internal Communication

P2 communicates with the workforce through several internal publications including a corporate daily news email, the biweekly “Porcelain Press” posted in restroom stalls, a biweekly printed newspaper called Sandia Lab News, and an internal website.

P2 also sponsors booths at events and generates themed tips and information:

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External Outreach

P2 is an active member of the New Mexico Recycling Coalition (NMRC) and presented at the 2010 biannual Recycling Conference:

P2 supports the Environmental Management Systems Annual Youth Conference, and Department of Defense/Department of Energy public meetings for local environment stakeholders: