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Techniques for Modifying MIMO Random Vibration Specifications

Schultz, Ryan S.; Nelson, Garrett D.

While research in multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) random vibration testing techniques, control methods, and test design has been increasing in recent years, research into specifications for these types of tests has not kept pace. This is perhaps due to the very particular requirement for most MIMO random vibration control specifications – they must be narrowband, fully populated cross-power spectral density matrices. This requirement puts constraints on the specification derivation process and restricts the application of many of the traditional techniques used to define single-axis random vibration specifications, such as averaging or straight-lining. This requirement also restricts the applicability of MIMO testing by requiring a very specific and rich field test data set to serve as the basis for the MIMO test specification. Here, frequency-warping and channel averaging techniques are proposed to soften the requirements for MIMO specifications with the goal of expanding the applicability of MIMO random vibration testing and enabling tests to be run in the absence of the necessary field test data.