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Multi-Shaker Testing at the Component Level

Larsen, William L.; Schultz, Ryan S.; Zwink, Brandon R.

Unlike traditional base excitation vibration qualification testing, multi-axis vibration testing methods can be significantly faster and more accurate. Here, a 12-shaker multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) test method called intrinsic connection excitation (ICE) is developed and assessed for use on an example aerospace component. In this study, the ICE technique utilizes 12 shakers, 1 for each boundary condition attachment degree of freedom to the component, specially designed fixtures, and MIMO control to provide an accurate set of loads and boundary conditions during the test. Acceleration, force, and voltage control provide insight into the viability of this testing method. System field test and ICE test results are compared to traditional single degree of freedom specification development and testing. Results indicate the multi-shaker ICE test provided a much more accurate replication of system field test response compared with single degree of freedom testing.