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Fuel property put to the test at Sandia's CRF

Researchers at Sandia’s Combustion Research Facility are working to understand the fundamentals of phi-sensitivity, a key fuel property that represents how the autoignition reactivity of the fuel varies with the fuel/air equivalence ratio. This will help increase the efficiency and facilitate the development of practical low-temperature gasoline combustion engines.

R&D 100

The venerable R&D 100 contest, slightly more than 50 years old, has a new owner, and the competition continues. Competing in an international pool of universities, corporations and government labs, Sandia inventions captured four R&D 100 Awards this year, as well as two environmental and one business award.

Defending the planet from the only preventable natural disaster

Since 1998, NASA has been mapping all the comets and asteroids within 30 million kilometers of Earth. As the map fills in, it’s clear that this area is a very busy place. NASA Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson and colleagues from NASA’s Asteroid Threat Assessment Project, including Sandia researcher Randy Longenbaugh, spoke in Albuquerque in October about the challenges of defending the planet from an asteroid impact.

‘I do have a place’

Sherralyn Sneezer is one of four students who interned at Sandia this summer through the DOE Indian Energy Internship Program. As we observe Native American Heritage Month this November, the Lab News spoke with Sherry about her experience at Sandia and her plans for the future.

Sandia Gives California

The annual Sandia Gives campaign launched Oct. 5 at Fertile GroundWorks in Livermore, as volunteers spent the morning gleaning 305 pounds of squash, weeding 240 square feet of garden beds and adding 1,200 pounds of compost to the soil to grow even more food — more than 3,500 beet plants.