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Summer STEM with Girls Inc.

Women in STEM groups from Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories teamed up this summer to inspire campers at Girls Inc. in Santa Fe. About 70 girls, ages 5 to 14, made rubber band cars, learned about geology and experimented with coding with volunteers from both labs.

Image of Campers at Girls Inc participate in STEM Day
CREATING CARS — Campers at Girls Inc. created their own rubber band cars during STEM Day with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia. (Photo courtesy of Girls Inc.)
Image of Valerie Steinhaus and Sandian Dana Turon volunteer at STEM Day with Girls Inc.
COMBINING EFFORTS — Los Alamos National Laboratory solutions architect Valerie Steinhaus, left, and Sandia mechanical engineer Dana Turon made binary-encoded solar bead bracelets with girls who attended the camp. (Photo by Katrina Wagner)
Image of Sandians Leslie Munyao and Monica Barry volunteer at STEM Day with Girls Inc
INSPIRING GIRLS IN STEM — Sandia systems researcher Leslie Munyao and mechanical engineer Monica Barry demonstrated concepts of potential and kinetic energy by making rubber band-powered cars during the camp. (Photo by Katrina Wagner)

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