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Directors give back during Fall Leadership Forum

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HOME IMPROVEMENT — Craig Taylor organizes supplies at the Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which provides the community with an affordable place to find home improvement items. (Photo by Craig Fritz)

The Fall Leadership Forum is an annual opportunity to connect Sandia’s leaders through engaging discussion and networking. This year’s forum Nov. 14 featured six service projects where center directors gave back to the community and learned about the work of multiple Albuquerque nonprofits.

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MEETING LOCAL NEED — Lisa Ramirez, left, and Justin Poore sort food at Storehouse New Mexico. Storehouse provides free groceries to help people in need and serves up to 35,000 people each year. (Photo by Daniel Roth)
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COMFORT FOOD — At the Ronald McDonald House, Josh Parsons, Brad Boswell and Rob Nelson, left to right, prepare casseroles for families whose children are receiving treatment at local hospitals. (Photo by Daniel Roth)
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FASION FORWARD — Basil Hassan sorts clothing at Locker 505, a clothing bank for kids in grades K-12 as other Sandia leaders tackle the piles of clothes around them. Locker 505 is a student-focused facility where children can try on and choose outfits that they feel good about wearing. (Photo by Craig Fritz)
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PREPARING FOR SPRING — Directors Lani Sanders, left, and Chrisma Jackson work in the urban garden at the Rio Grande Food Project, a nonprofit that provides nutritious food to the community. The team winterized the garden to prepare for spring by cutting back sunflowers. (Photo by Amy Tapia)
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NO BAD APPLES — Director Samantha Flores sorts apples at Roadrunner Food Bank as part of the Fall Leadership Forum. (Photo by Kim Vallez Quintana)
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INSPECTION, PLEASE — Sandia Fellows Bill Miller. left and Cindy Phillips work together to weed out bad potatoes at Roadrunner Food Bank. The nonprofit distributes an estimated 60 million pounds of food each year. (Photo by Kim Vallez Quintana)

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