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Sandia/California donation helps support 9,500 meals in Bay Area

$ 4,000 supports Alameda County Community Food Bank

Kayla Norris and Dori Ellis tour food bank with Juan Francisco Orozco
TOURING THE FOOD BANK — Kayla Norris, Sandia/ California community relations specialist (left), and As­sociate Labs Director Dori Ellis tour the Alameda County Community Food Bank with Juan Francisco Orozco, the food bank’s Corporate and Foundation Relations Officer.

Sandia presented Alameda County Community Food Bank with a $4,000 donation on Dec. 11, 2018, made possible by Sandia’s Family Stability grant funds.

“Recognizing that many families live with food insecurity in the Bay Area, and that the holiday season can be an extremely difficult time, we are hopeful that this contribution will help provide meals to individuals and families in need,” said Sandia Associate Labs Director Dori Ellis. “Sandia National Laboratories is committed to helping the community.”

Juan Francisco Orozco, Alameda County Food Bank Corporate and Foundation Relations Officer, said he was grateful for the donation.

“Sandia National Laboratories’ support will positively impact our food programs,” Orozco said, “With your grant we will be able to purchase and distribute more than 9,500 meals to hungry families this holiday season.”

The Alameda County Community Food Bank helps alleviate hunger by distributing food throughout the county. The food bank distributes food through its 200+ member agency network. Partners in the food distribution program include food pantries, hot meal programs, senior centers, college campuses and others. The food bank is able to convert every dollar donated to $7 worth of food.

Orozco said the food bank encourages member agencies to distribute healthy food and to select the foods that match the preferences of the clients they serve. The food bank has a commitment to provide fresh produce at no charge. Produce is scarce in most low-income neighborhoods in Alameda County.

The food distribution program benefits one in five Alameda County residents — a total of 311,000 people, including 21,000 children. This year, the food bank is providing nearly 120 million meals to those in need.