Leadership with Paul Hommert : President and Laboratories Director
Throughout its history, Sandia has been guided by the core principle of — in the words of President Harry Truman — providing "exceptional service in the national interest."
Paul Hommert

Paul Hommert

President & Laboratories Director

Paul Hommert is the director of Sandia National Laboratories and president of Sandia Corporation. Sandia has principal sites in Albuquerque, N.M., and Livermore, Calif., an annual budget of $2.6 billion, and approximately 10,000 employees.

Kim Sawyer

Kim Sawyer

Deputy Laboratories Director & Executive Vice President for Mission Support

Kimberly (Kim) C. Sawyer is the deputy Laboratories director and executive vice president for Mission Support at Sandia National Laboratories. She is responsible for ensuring that all Mission Support programs are integrated and that they enable mission delivery.

Jerry McDowell

Jerry L. McDowell

Deputy Laboratories Director & Executive Vice President for National Security Programs; Vice President, Defense Systems & Assessments Mission

Jerry McDowell is the deputy Laboratories director and executive vice president for National Security Programs at Sandia National Laboratories and vice president for Defense Systems & Assessments Mission. He is the steward of the Integrated National Security Mission vision and strategy, and the senior executive of the Nuclear Weapons mission.

Bonnie Apodaca

Bonnie Apodaca

CFO & Vice President of Business Operations

Bonnie Apodaca is CFO and vice president of Business Operations at Sandia National Laboratories. As a member of Sandia’s senior executive leadership team, she’s responsible for developing and executing financial strategies, teaming with others on the leadership team to build relationships with key customers, cultivate and develop new business, and provide reach-back to Lockheed Martin corporate resources.

Michael Hazen

Michael Hazen

Vice President, Infrastructure Operations Division

Michael Hazen is vice president of the Infrastructure Operations Division and serves as chief security officer at Sandia National Laboratories. His line responsibilities includes overseeing Radiation Protection, Waste Management, Environment, Safety, and Health; Security and Emergency Management, International Travel; and Facilities Management and Operations.

Jill Hruby

Jill M. Hruby

Vice President, Energy, Nonproliferation & High Consequence Security and the International, Homeland & Nuclear Security Mission

Jill Hruby is vice president of the Energy, Nonproliferation, and High-Consequence Security Division and the International, Homeland, and Nuclear Security Mission at Sandia National Laboratories.

Elizabeth D. Krauss

Elizabeth D. Krauss

Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Elizabeth (Becky) D. Krauss is vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary at Sandia National Laboratories. She is responsible for managing Sandia’s legal activities, encompassing areas such as general corporate law; employment and labor relations; taxes and benefits; environmental, safety and health; procurement; intellectual property; technology transfer; and litigation management.

Melonie Parker

Melonie Parker

Vice President for Human Resources and Communications

Melonie Parker is vice president of Human Resources and Communications at Sandia National Laboratories. Melonie is responsible for the leadership and labs-wide management of human resources, health, benefits, and employee services. Melonie is also responsible for Sandia’s communication efforts which include planning, strategy, executive communications, media relations, external branding, community affairs and internal communications.

Robert Leland

Robert Leland

Vice President, Science & Technology; Chief Technology Officer

Robert (Rob) Leland is vice president, Science and Technology, and chief technology officer at Sandia National Laboratories. Leland is the executive responsible for leadership and management of corporate research and development, and capabilities stewardship. He is also responsible for leadership of technology transfer and strategic research relationships with universities, industry, and the state of New Mexico.

Dr. J. Stephen Rottler

Stephen Rottler

Vice President, California Laboratory & Energy, Climate and Infrastructure Security

Stephen (Steve) Rottler is vice president of Sandia’s California laboratory and serves as lead for the Laboratories’ Energy, Climate, and Infrastructure Security business unit. The California laboratory’s principal programs include nuclear weapons stewardship; homeland security with a focus on defending against weapons of mass destruction; combustion, transportation and hydrogen energy research; biology; and advanced computational and information systems.

Michael Vahle

Michael O. Vahle

Information Technology (IT) Services & Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Michael Vahle is vice president of Information Technology (IT) Services and chief information officer (CIO). Michael is responsible for the vision and leadership of Sandia’s information technology, information management, and cybersecurity strategy.

Bruce Walker

Bruce C. Walker

Vice President, Weapons Engineering & Product Realization, Chief Engineer for Nuclear Weapons

Bruce C. Walker is vice president of Weapons Engineering and Product Realization at Sandia National Laboratories. He is the chief engineer for nuclear weapons with responsibility for leadership and management of nuclear weapon engineering and production activities.