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  • Final LDRD SAND Report (4 MB): A comprehensive summary of this LDRD project (FY01-FY03).
  • Sensors for Environmental Monitoring and Long-Term Environmental Stewardship (1 MB): A summary of regulatory drivers, needs, and Sandia capabilities for environmental monitoring.
  • Sandia Technology Vol. 4 No.3 (3.3 MB) provides overview of Sandia’s LDRD project to develop an in-situ water sensor (article starts on page 6 of the PDF file).
  • Fact Sheet (PDF file: 300KB) provides information on the problem, objectives, and collaborative opportunities for this project.
  • Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical Journal Article (PDF file: 184 KB) discusses the use of partial least squares to analyze TCE using a chemiresistor array in the presence of changing temperatures and humidities. (Note: This material is copyrighted and is intended for personal research use only. Distribution or reproduction without the publisher’s written consent is prohibited)
  • SENSORS Journal Article (PDF file: 994 KB) details technical aspects of the soil and groundwater sensor probe and its applications.
  • Review of Chemical Sensors for Real-Time In-Situ Sensing (PDF file: 471kb) (SAND2001-0643 report)
  • Conference Paper (PDF file: 272kb) (June 2001), in the proceedings of the International Containment & Remediation Technology Conference, Orlando, FL.
  • Summary of NTS Field Test (2001) (PDF file 587 KB) Summary report of 55-gallon drum test at the Hazmat Spill Center at the Nevada Test Site to test the sensor during a TCE spill and air-venting remediation operation.
  • SAND2005-0336: SAND report of FY04 field tests at Edwards Air Force Base, CA (PDF file 1.4 MB).
  • SAND2002-4135: SAND report of FY02 field tests at Edwards Air Force Base, CA (PDF file 2 MB).
  • SAND2003-0799: SAND report of FY02 field tests of the chemiresistor and surface-acoustic-wave sensors at the Nevada Test Site (PDF file 3.5 MB).

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