About Us

The micro-chemical sensor development team is led by Cliff Ho and Bob Hughes.

Cliff Ho has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with over 10 years of experience in experimental and numerical studies involving multiphase flow and transport processes in porous media. He has performed work for Yucca Mountain, WIPP, and Hanford, and he has performed numerical simulations of environmental remediation problems involving soil vapor extraction, steam injection, and capillary barriers. Cliff Ho will be leading the experimental testing of the sensors and the subsurface modeling studies. Contributors include Lucas McGrath, Jerome Wright, James May (Earth Tech/Edwards AFB), Scott Rawlinson, Kathy Alam, Dion Rivera, Bruce Reavis, Paul Reynolds (TSP), Mark Jenkins, Dan Lucero, Angela McLain, Mike Kelley, Jeff Zirzow, Henry Bryant, and Sharissa Young. Read Cliff’s resume and list of selected publications. Visit Cliff’s Google Scholar page.

Bob Hughes has a Ph.D. in Chemistry with over 35 years of experience in physical chemistry and micro-sensor technology. He was a principal investigator in the development of the chemiresistors proposed in this LDRD and has extensive experience in the design and implementation of sensors for various applications. His silicon chip hydrogen sensor is now a commercial product yielding royalties to Sandia. Bob Hughes will be leading the development of the chemiresistors and associated technologies for the integrated sensor development. Bob is being assisted by Chad Davis and Michael Thomas. Contributors include Graham Yelton and Tina Petersen.