Chemical Waste Landfill Monitoring Stations

This website displays data from monitoring systems placed at the Chemical Waste Landfill, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM. The system was operational from March 26, 2003, until April 2005.

Surface data were updated every 5 minutes. Subsurface data were updated every 60 minutes.

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This work was performed by the following individuals:

  • Cliff Ho (sensor development/deployment, data analysis, web development, project management)
  • Lucas McGrath (sensor calibration, deployment, data-logger programming)
  • Jerome Wright (data-logger programming, sensor deployment, web development)
  • Robert Ziock (sensor deployment, data-logger programming)
  • Matt Stockham (CAMU weather station installation)
  • Sue Collins (project management)
  • Sharissa Young (project management)
  • Development of the chemiresistor sensor was also performed by staff working on the In-Situ Chemiresistor LDRD project at Sandia