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Experimental Substructuring of the Dynamic Substructures Round-Robin Testbed

Roettgen, D.; Lopp, G.; Jaramillo, A.; Moldenhauer, Benjamin J.

Experimental-analytical substructuring has been a popular field of research for several years and has seen many great advances for both frequency-based substructuring (FBS) and component mode synthesis (CMS) techniques. To examine these technical advances, a new benchmark structure has been designed through the SEM dynamic substructuring technical division to act as a benchmark study for anyone researching in the field. This work contains the first attempts at experimental dynamic substructuring using the new SEM testbed. Complete dynamic substructuring predictions will be presented along with an assessment of variability and nonlinear response in the testbed assembly. Systems will be available to check out through the authors beginning in December of 2021, and this paper intends to initiate in full the round-robin challenge.