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Comprehensive Review of Multi-arm Caliper Data for the Big Hill SPR Site

Roberts, Barry L.

The Big Hill SPR site has a rich data set consisting of multi-arm caliper (MAC) logs collected from the cavern wells. This data set provides insight into the on-going casing deformation at the Big Hill site. This report summarizes the MAC surveys for each well and presents well longevity estimates where possible. Included in the report is an examination of the well twins for each cavern and a discussion on what may or may not be responsible for the different levels of deformation between some of the well twins. The report also takes a systematic view of the MAC data presenting spatial patterns of casing deformation and deformation orientation in an effort to better understand the underlying causes. The conclusions present a hypothesis suggesting the small-scale variations in casing deformation are attributable to similar scale variations in the character of the salt-caprock interface. These variations do not appear directly related to shear zones or faults.