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Finding COVID-19 needles in a coronavirus haystack

To accelerate the filtering of coronavirus studies in the search for information relevant to COVID-19, Sandia has assembled a combination of data mining, machine-learning algorithms and compression-based analytics to bring the most useful data to the fore on an office computer.

Acceptance and advocacy for LGBTQ+

Sandia protects its employees from discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, but fewer than half of the 50 U.S. states have had similar protections until a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month. While this ruling is a promising development for LGBTQ+ rights, there are still areas where work is required.

Deployed to combat COVID-19

For Sandia employee and Staff Sgt. Tawnya Jones and other members of the New Mexico National Guard, the state governor's declaration of a public health emergency in march meant stepping away from a civilian job and responding to a no-notice military deployment to support the state’s battle against the virus.

Call me Daisy

Sandia computer scientist Daisy Sophia Hollman reflects on the complexities of gender identity and expression as she shares her personal experiences in coming out as transgender at Sandia.

On-site health checks

A daily health check is now required for anyone accessing a Sandia facility, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Those who do not have access to the Health Check mobile or desktop app can visit an in-person Health Check location prior to entering the site.