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Economic Impact: Sandia Labs spends $3.68B

Sandia pumped an all-time high of nearly $3.68 billion into the economy in fiscal year 2019 by spending on goods, services, payroll, taxes and other payments, Labs Director James Peery announced during a news conference on Jan. 15.

Spotlight on diversity

Sandia has been recognized by Profiles in Diversity Journal as a winner of the 16th annual Innovations in Diversity Awards, honoring corporations, organizations and institutions that have developed innovative solutions in workforce diversity, inclusion and human equity.

Peery’s vision for Labs’ future

In his first week on the job, Labs Director James S. Peery told all-hands meetings in New Mexico and California about his initial priorities, “enormous passion” for national security and commitment to a diverse, inclusive workforce.

SASE honors Alan Mar

Sandia engineer Alan Mar, who has worked at the Labs for 25 years, has been honored by the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers with a 2019 Professional Achievement Award.

Keith Matzen wins nuclear fusion award

Sandia Fellow Keith Matzen has received the 2019 Distinguished Career Award from Fusion Power Associates, a national nonprofit research and education foundation, for his many contributions to the Labs’ development of nuclear fusion.

Education With Industry officer joins Sandia

For the first time, Sandia is hosting a student in the prestigious U.S. Air Force Education With Industry program, a highly selective program that pairs participants with industry leaders in their career field.

A peek inside a working battery

A new paper-thin radio-frequency detector designed to work inside a lithium-ion battery provides information about the battery’s health while charging and discharging. The work will help researchers better understand and characterize batteries to improve them for renewable energy storage and national security applications.