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Sandians prepare community garden on Earth Day

DIGGING DEEP — Manager Justin Ford helps repair a fence at Rio Grande Food Project, a nonprofit that grows nutritious food for the community.
CLEARING OUT — Year-round intern Brittney Seaburn, right, and her friend Hailey Cuevas clear tumbleweeds and trash to prepare the garden for spring planting at Rio Grande Food Project during an Earth Day event.
MOVING MULCH — Manager Vanessa Kuca, right, engineer Michal Kuca, center, and their son Lucas shovel mulch into a wheelbarrow for spreading across the garden during an Earth Day event at Rio Grande Food Project. The organiza-tion provides a food pantry, an urban garden and serves as a community hub that works to ensure that families have nutritious food.
GARDEN PREP — Technologist Valerie Archuleta prepares the urban garden for planting vegetables at Rio Grande Food Project.