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More benefit choices for 2023

Employees encouraged to enroll for benefits before Nov. 9

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OPEN ENROLLMENT 2023 — This year, an enhanced decision-making tool helps employees compare medical plans to determine the best fit for them and their families. Open enrollment runs through Nov. 9. (Photo by Craig Fritz)

It’s that time of year: employees’ yearly opportunity to review and change their benefits and the dependents they cover for the upcoming year. Sandia encourages employees to learn what’s new for 2023 to ensure they make informed benefit choices during Open Enrollment, now underway through Nov. 9.

“We’ve heard from employees that they want more benefit choices, more ways to save money and added support for what’s important to them,” said Executive Director and Chief Human Resources Officer Brian Carter. “We listened to employees, and during last year’s enrollment, we introduced a new medical plan option: the Health Savings Plan with the companion health savings account. For 2023, we’re offering more choices for dental and vision coverage. We’re also excited to introduce a new lifestyle spending account that gives non represented, benefits-eligible Sandians up to $500 each year to spend on a variety of lifestyle expenses. The account covers everything from pet care to gym memberships to moving expenses to tax preparation services.” If you are a represented employee, refer to your collective bargaining agreement to verify your benefit options.

Same medical plan options for 2023

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PLANNING AHEAD — During Open Enrollment, Sandians can choose medical, dental, and vision plans options and buy or sell vacation. Open Enrollment continues through Nov. 9. (Photo by Craig Fritz)

For medical coverage, employees will continue to choose between the Health Savings Plan and the Total Health PPO Plan. Sandia has made some changes to the design of the Health Savings Plan to comply with IRS regulations and has eliminated the $100 minimum contribution to the plan’s companion health savings account.

Expanded dental and vision options

Employees will have three dental plans and three vision plans to choose from — and each will offer four coverage tiers. For both dental and vision, Sandia is adding two more plans: one with enhanced coverage and the other with more basic coverage. The plans with more comprehensive coverage cost more than the plans offering more limited coverage. Additionally, for dental and vision, employees can choose the best coverage tier for them: employee only, employee and one or more children, employee and spouse, or employee with spouse and one or more children.

New lifestyle spending account fully funded by Sandia

Eligible employees can receive up to $500 in reimbursements for various lifestyle services and programs each year. Non represented, benefits-eligible Sandians, excluding students, will be automatically enrolled in this account on Jan. 1. Employees can get a preview of what’s covered to help them plan ahead.

Mark the date: Open Enrollment begins Oct. 19

“We encourage employees to review their options for 2023 and to look closely at their personal situation and anticipated healthcare needs for the next year,” Brian said. “We also want employees to take advantage of the resources available at and choose the coverage that will best meet their immediate and long-term needs.”

How to enroll

To enroll, visit and choose HR Self Service. To make elections from home or a mobile device, an employee needs a CryptoCard, HSPD-12, PIV-C or mobile credential.

The elections employees make during open enrollment are effective from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2023. Employees who want to participate in a health care or dependent care flexible spending account or buy or sell vacation for 2023 must make their elections by Nov. 9 at 6 p.m. MST.

Enhanced tool helps compare medical plans

Employees can use an enhanced, interactive medical plan comparison tool to help them select their medical plan option for 2023. The benefits management team first approached systems analyst Jeff Gruda, which sparked a collaborative effort between system analysts in End User Solutions, User Experience Solutions Group, the EBI Management Organization and Benefits. The team developed a tool that allows employees to run scenarios that compare their out-of-pocket costs between the Health Savings Plan and the Total Health PPO Plan. Employees enter their salary range, the number of dependents covered, how much they plan to contribute to the healthcare spending accounts and their estimated medical and prescription drug expenses to estimate the impact on their wallet under each plan.

Employees can enter as many scenarios as they wish. The comparison tool does not save, access or import personal information about employees and their dependents.

Employees can access the comparison tool from the EBI Portal. Navigate to HR, then Benefits and select Medical Plan Comparison Tool.

Additional resources to help employees choose

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