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‘TourSandia’ without a badge

You no longer need a badge to visit Sandia, thanks to TourSandia, a collection of virtual tours that showcases the Labs’ capabilities. Now anyone with an internet connection can visit eight locations from the Albuquerque and Livermore laboratories. No paperwork required.

Sandia/California facilities comprise three of the eight virtual tours available for public viewing. The additional tours take visitors to key places in Albuquerque such as the Z machine and the Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications (MESA) complex. Inside each tour module, you can explore laboratories in 360 degrees, watch videos, and read about the important work done at each location.

TourSandia is the product of a collaboration between Talent Management and Development (3520), Communications (3600), and corporate historians from Center 9500 to introduce new employees to the unique capabilities and facilities at Sandia.

“While the original impetus was to target new employees, it soon became clear that virtual tours could play a role in recruiting new employees to join the Labs,” says Michael Cassady (3520), a member of the development team. “We wanted to lean into a focus on California facilities because of the need for persistent recruitment and engagement as well as the California site’s track record as an early adopter of innovative programs.”

TourSandia was designed to engage audiences of any background with Sandia’s important mission, unique work, and dedicated people. Visit TourSandia at and share with your friends, family, and future Sandians.