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MESAFab streaming video

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The concept of integrating more than one transistor on a single chip has had a profound and lasting impact on our society.

  • From the first use in the Minuteman missile to the proliferation of consumer products today, microelectronic circuits have dramatically improved performance, functionality, and reliability, while reducing cost and decreasing volume.
  • Today researchers pursue advanced concepts that integrate not only electronics at the micro scale, but embody sensors, photonics and MEMS components.
  • At Sandia National Laboratories, as part of the Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications (MESA) Complex, the Microsystems organization has the mission to develop beyond leading edge trusted microsystems technologies to enable new and increasingly powerful macro-system capability and functionality for critical national security platforms.
  • Extensive scientific and engineering expertise in areas such as material growth and process development for silicon and compounds, device and product design, advanced packaging technologies for 3-D integration, reliability, and failure analysis makes possible the custom trusted solutions we deliver to the nation today.

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