2013 Winners

2013 Membrane Projection Lithography publication snapshot

Membrane Projection Lithography
This fabrication technique enables the creation of a diverse array of microscopic 3-D structures with macroscopic impact. For instance, the technique can be used to create 3-dimensional integrated circuits, the next step in the evolution of 2-dimensional microprocessors, which could lead to truly 3-D microelectronics. Currently, the technique is used to make thermal antennas that can control the direction of heat emitted from an object, potentially easing cooling and heating needs for satellites or perhaps even for buildings and cars. Watch the video.

2013 Mantevo Suite 1.0 publication snapshot

Mantevo Suite 1.0

This integrated collection of small software programs (miniapps) models the performance of full-scale applications, yet requires a fraction of the code. It’s the first integrated collection of full-featured miniapps. Miniapps, pioneered by The Mantevo Project, have emerged as central components of computer system co-design. Major computer vendors, universities and national laboratories, use miniapps for the design of next generation high-performance computer systems and tools. Watch the video.

2013 Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool (SGHAT) publication snapshot

Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool (SGHAT)
As alternative energies spread, many agencies are raising concerns over glare from solar energy installations and their impacts on pilots, air traffic controllers, and motorists. SGHAT addresses new federal guidelines requiring quantified assessments of glare from proposed solar installations. The web-based tool can quickly locate a site, outline the proposed array, and identify glare throughout the year, calculating the glare’s intensity and size to predict potential ocular hazards. Watch the video.