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Museum Artifact Center to present largest display of nuclear weapons

Image of Groundbreaking of Artifact Center at the National Nuclear Museum
NUCLEAR COLLECTION — On April 22, the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History broke ground on a new center that will feature the largest collection of unclassified nuclear weapon units in existence. The Nuclear Defense Heritage Collection contains about 120 individual items, systems and deployment technologies. The museum has raised $600,000 to build the 5,000-square-foot Jerry L. Adams Museum Artifact Center.
From left, Museum Director Jim Walther; National Atomic Museum Foundation Board Trustee Dave Jansen; Sandia Director of Communications Frederick Bermudez; Terry Adams, brother of the late Jerry L. Adams; Past chairperson of the National Atomic Museum Foundation Wayne Laslie; Jerry L. Adams’ daughter; Sandy Wick, wife of Jerry L. Adams; and a Jerry L. Adams’ family member participated in the groundbreaking. (Photo by Lonnie Anderson)