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Celebrating native culture at Sandia during Native American Heritage Month

Stan Atcitty discusses tribal energy sovereignty

Stan Atcitty

For over 25 years, Sandia’s tribal technical assistance has enabled participating tribes to realize their energy vision. Stan Atcitty, leader of Sandia’s Energy Storage Power Electronics subprogram and Navajo Nation citizen, discusses his experiences and the value of tribal professionals assisting tribal communities. Watch video (Photo courtesy of DOE, video courtesy of Sandia)

Pueblo red chile stew and potato salad recipe

Red chile stew and potato salad recipe

Sandian brothers John and Cheston Bailon shared a traditional recipe on their YouTube channel that their family has enjoyed for many years. Pueblo red chile stew has a long history at the table of Native American families, and potato salad is a cool complement to hot red chile. Watch video (Photo and video courtesy of John Bailon)

Upcoming events

Hosted by the American Indian Outreach Committee

From Reservation to Space Exploration

Aaron Yazzie, Navajo

Tuesday, Nov. 23, noon MST

Aaron Yazzie is a citizen of the Diné (Navajo) Nation and a mechanical engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He designed mechanical systems for NASA’s robotic space research missions, focusing on Planetary Sample Acquisition and Handling.

His interest in space and science was influenced by traditional stories he was told as a child of how landforms and constellations came to be. As a professional member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, he works to increase the representation of indigenous peoples in the fields of science, technology and engineering.

Finding Purpose Through Community

Dylan Moriarty, Navajo

Tuesday, Nov. 30, noon MST

Strong familial bonds are an integral part of many Native American communities. They define who we are — and affect who we become. In this talk, Dylan Moriarty will share personal experiences about finding his purpose through community, overcoming challenges and the benefits of creating collaborative communities in a research environment. While this talk is presented from a Native American perspective, many of the topics and concepts discussed can be applied to the outreach, recruitment and retention of other underrepresented groups.