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From orchard to food bank

Sandians supply Roadrunner Food Bank with a truck of fresh apples through Seed2Need initiative

FALL HARVEST — Troy Baker, left, and Alanna Jornigan helped harvest 13 pallets of apples that were donated to Roadrunner Food Bank. The food bank sources, acquires and distributes enough food to feed nearly 70,000 people per week year-round.
FAMILY FUN — Gail Granot, right, and her daughter Liah worked together to pick apples on a beautiful fall day in Corrales. Sandians supplied Roadrunner Food Bank with a truck full of fresh apples.
TALL TOOLS — Diane Ottman, right, and her daughter Maya take a break from gleaning apples. The apples will be distributed to feed people across New Mexico.
NO BAD APPLES — Zach Thomas volunteered on Sept. 11 to glean apples with Seed2Need, a nonprofit that grows and harvests produce for people experiencing food insecurity. Ladders and picking poles were used to glean the apples that were too high to grab with hands.