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NM kids to benefit from Sandia’s computer donation program

Representatives from 17 schools around New Mexico visited Sandia to pick up used desktop computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards and other equipment as part of the Labs’ K-12 Computer Donation Program.

Reapplication team lead Joey Branch said the event on Monday, Aug. 2, went smoothly with more than 1,700 items donated to schools and nonprofits.

Sandia has donated 10,377 computers since 2012, Branch said, adding that the amount in donations since 2012 totals more than $24 million.

The Labs can give used computer equipment to schools through Executive Order 12999, signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996. The program is carried out by Sandia’s Property Management and Reapplication team.

Due to COVID-19, the teams were unable to invite schools to pick up computer supplies in 2020. Meeting with school representatives this year was a success, Branch said, with some driving multiple hours from Truth or Consequences and Silver City.

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER — Reapplication team members Anthony Gonzales and James Vigil helped schools gather computers, monitors, keyboards and other equipment during the K-12 computer donation event at Sandia.
MONITORING — Reapplication team member Anthony Gonzales tracks inventory during the event.
KEYS TO SUCCESS — More than 1,700 desktop computers, laptops, iPads and keyboards were donated to schools and nonprofits during the event.
BIG MOVE — Reapplication team members Marisol Segura and Bernadette Bazen load computers into a large vehicle for one of the schools.
PAYING IT FORWARD — Reapplication team member Semiramis Novak moves equipment during the K-12 computer donation event. The used supplies will benefit kids throughout New Mexico.