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Sandians observe National Day of Prayer

Sandians and others from across Kirtland Air Force Base participated in the 2018 National Day of Prayer gathering at the Steve Schiff Auditorium on May 3. The event was sponsored by Sandia’s Christians in the Workplace Networking Group in partnership with the Kirtland Air Force Base Chaplain Corps.

Prayer leaders for the day included guest speaker Deputy Chief of Chaplains Brig. Gen. Steven Schaick from the

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Pentagon, Senior Manager John Bowers of neutron generators, Executive Pastor David Eiffert from the Believers’ Center of Albuquerque and Jeff Martin, the master of ceremonies. The Sandia Singers performed the national anthem and the Air Force Song, and God’s House Choir also participated.

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Associate Labs Director for Infrastructure Operations John Clymo joins in a prayer at the National Day of Prayer event. (Photos by Randy Montoya)

Other attendees included Deputy Labs Director David Douglass; two associate labs directors — John Clymo of Infrastructure Operations and Mark Sellers of Mission Assurance; John Myers, senior director, Human Resources and Communications; 377th Base Commander Col. Richard Gibbs and Wing Chaplain Lt. Col. Darren Duncan; and Michael Duvall, Sandia Field Office.

Chaplain Schaick discussed this year’s theme of unity. John Clymo added, “I am grateful to have a workplace like Sandia that supports our freedom to gather.”

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