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Your input needed now for October employee security meeting

Employee input is now being sought for a "town hall" security meeting in early October to make sure employees have the information they need to properly safeguard sensitive and classified information and materials at the Labs. The meeting will also give employees an opportunity to provide feedback directly to Sandia’s upper management and security officials about what’s working and what’s not.

Chief security officer Lynn Jones (VP 7000) says the meeting will discuss security issues that have been raised during the past year in DOE facilities — particularly at the national labs — and still-evolving new requirements and regulations.

"We know some of what we need to cover," Lynn says, "but we want to learn what employees are most concerned about and make sure they are confident and comfortable with their security responsibilities. We realize there is some confusion and employee concern, and we want to address it and clear it up now. "Also," she says, "we want employees to tell us how we — Sandia’s management and security staff — can help them understand and integrate evolving security requirements into their daily work.

"And, finally," Lynn says, "we want employees to tell us candidly if they think any new requirements aren’t working or are maybe even counterproductive. While we may not be able to change some things overnight, we are working closely with DOE to tell them what works and doesn’t work, and this is where we really need employees to guide us."

Lynn says she knows Sandians are already doing some of this through their division safeguards and security coordinators, but says this meeting will give employees a chance to voice ideas and concerns directly with upper management and in turn will let upper management learn firsthand what’s most on employees’ minds. Input needed by Sept. 22

Lynn asks all employees to send their security concerns, questions, and suggested topics for this meeting to her executive assistant, Julie Walker, either by e-mail ( or regular mail (MS 0361) by Friday, Sept. 22.

Neither the date nor the exact format of the meeting has been set, Lynn says. The date will be announced soon along with the format, meeting length, and location. Lynn emphasizes this is a Labs-wide effort and will involve all Sandia facilities. Sessions may be held in different locations or one session may be video-linked, but that also has not been determined yet. Labs-wide announcements will be made as soon as possible.

Last modified: September 8, 2000