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An opinion-driven behavioral dynamics model for addictive behaviors, Thomas W. Moore, Patrick D. Finley, Benjamin J. Apelberg, Bridget K. Ambrose, Nancy S. Brodsky, Theresa J. Brown, Corinne Husten, Robert J. Glass Jr., 8 April 2015, European Physical Journal B, 88 (4). (Local PDF 2.7MB)  (Online version)

Modeling Education and Advertising with Opinion Dynamics Thomas W. Moore, Patrick D. Finley, Nancy S. Brodsky, Theresa J. Brown, Benjamin J. Apelberg, Bridget Ambrose, Robert J. Glass, Jr., 31 March 2015, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 18 (2) 7.

Modeling the Potential Effects of New Tobacco Products and Policies: A Dynamic Population Model for Multiple Product Use and Harm, Eric D. Vugrin, Brian L. Rostron, Stephen J. Verzi, Nancy S. Brodsky, Theresa J. Brown, Conrad J. Choiniere, Blair N. Coleman, Antonio Paredes, Benjamin J. Apelberg. 27 March 2015. PLOS One

Modeling Hospitals’ Adaptive Capacity during a Loss of Infrastructure Services, Eric D. Vugrin, Stephen J. Verzi, Patrick D. Finley, Mark A. Turnquist, Anne R. Griffin, Karen A. Ricci and Tamar Wyte-Lake. Journal of Healthcare Engineering, 6(1): 105-140. March 2015

Modeling Evacuation of a Hospital without Electric Power, Eric D. Vugrin, Stephen J. Verzi, Patrick D. Finley, Mark A. Turnquist, Anne R. Griffin, Karen A. Ricci and Tamar Wyte-Lake. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. 2015 (Pre-publication draft: PDF 934KB) (online publication)

Evaluating the Effect of Resource Constraints on Resilience of Bulk Power System with an Electric Power Restoration Model, International Journal of System of Systems Engineering, 5(1), pp. 68-91. 2014 (Pre-Publication draft: PDF 1MB) (online publication)

Optimal Recovery Sequencing for Enhanced Resilience and Service Restoration in Transportation Networks, International Journal of Critical Infrastructure, 10(3/4), p.218-246. 2014 (Pre-publication draft: PDF 357KB) (online publication)

Resilience Certification for Commercial Buildings: a study of stakeholder perspectives, Environment Systems and Decisions33(2), pp 184-194. 2013 (Pre-publication draft: PDF 598KB)  (online publication)

Complex Adaptive Systems Engineering and Risk Reduction, October 2012, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Engineering Sustainability Vol. 166 October 2013 Issue ES5, Pages 293-300. (Pre-publication draft: PDF 75KB)

Advancing Cyber Resilience Analysis with Performance-Based Metrics from Infrastructure Assessments, Eric D. Vugrin and Jennifer Turgeon, International Journal of Secure Software Engineering Special Edition on Cybersecurity Scientific Validation, July 2012, (Pre-publication draft PDF 536KB) (Online version)

Design for resilience in infrastructure distribution networks, Mark A. Turnquist, Eric D. Vugrin. Environment Systems and Decisions, March 2013. DOI 10.1007/s10669-012-9428-z.

Estimating the sentiment of social media content for security informatics applications, Glass K and Colbaugh R, Security Informatics, February 2012, DOI: 10.1186/2190-8532-1-3

The Value of Using Stochastic Mapping of Food Distribution Networks for Understanding Risks and Tracing Contaminant Pathways, Stephen H. Conrad, Walter E. Beyeler, Theresa J. Brown, Int. J. Critical Infrastructures, Vol. 8, Nos. 2/3, September 2012, 216-224. (Pre-Press draft, PDF 282KB)  Review in Phys/Org: Probability maps help sniff out food contamination

Infrastructure resilience assessment through control design, Eric D. Vugrin and R. Chris Camphouse. International Journal of Critical Infrastructures, Vol. 7, no. 3. 2011 (Pre-publication draft: PDF 316KB) (online publication)

A Resilience Assessment Framework for Infrastructure and Economic Systems: Quantitative and Qualitative Resilience Analysis of Petrochemical Supply Chains to a Hurricane, Eric D. Vugrin, Drake E. Warren, Mark A. Ehlen, Process Safety Progress Journal, Wiley Online Library. DOI 10.1002/prs.10437, March 2011

Health Outcomes and Costs of Community Mitigation Strategies for an Influenza Pandemic in the United States, Daniella J. Perlroth, Robert J. Glass, Victoria J. Davey, Daniel C. Cannon, Alan M. Garber, and Douglas K. Owens, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Containing a US Influenza Pandemic • CID 2010:50, expedited publication, 15 January 2010 (2010-8351 J)

Infectious Disease Modeling and Military Readiness, Brian H. Feighner, Stephen Eubank, Robert J. Glass, Victoria J. Davey, Jena-Paul Chretien, and Josl C. Gaydos, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Volume 15, Number 9, September 2009

Effective, Robust Design of Community Mitigation for Pandemic Influenza: A Systematic Examination of Proposed U.S. Guidance, Robert J. Glass, Victoria J. Davey, H. Jason Min, Walter E. Beyeler, Laura M. Glass, PLoS ONE 3(7): e2606 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0002606 (2008-0561 J)

Social contact networks for the spread of pandemic influenza in children and teenagers, Laura M. Glass, Robert J. Glass, BMC Public Health, 8:61, doi:10.1186/1471-2458-8-61, highly accessed, February 14, 2008 (2007-5152 J)

Rescinding Community Mitigation Strategies in an Influenza Pandemic, Victoria J. Davey, Robert J. Glass, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Volume 14, Number 3, March 2008. (2007-4635 J)

The Payments System and the Market for Interbank Funds, Morten L. Bech, Walter E. Beyeler, Robert J. Glass, and Kimmo Soramaki, Part 4 in New Directions for Understanding Systemic Risk, Economic Policy Review, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 2007. (2007-2930 P)

New Approaches for Payment System Simulation Research, Kimmo Soramäki, Walter E. Beyeler, Morten Bech, and Robert J. Glass in Chapter 2 in Simulation studies of liquidity needs, risks and efficiency in payment networks, Proceedings from the Bank of Finland Payment and Settlement System Seminars 2005-2006, Harry Leinonen ed. (2007-2930 P)

Congestion and cascades in payment systems, Walter E. Beyeler, Robert J. Glass, Morten Bech and Kimmo Soramäki, Physica A, 15 Oct. 2007; v.384, no.2, p.693-718,  May 2007 (PDF 1.3MB) (Online version)

The Topology of Interbank Payment Flows, Kimmo Soramaki, Morten L. Bech, Jeffrey Arnold, Robert J. Glass, Walter E. Beyeler, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, June 2007; vol.379, no.1, p.317-33.(also available from Elsevier B.V. /Physica A) (2006-1984J)

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Congestion and Cascades in Payment Systems, Walter E. Beyeler, Robert J. Glass, Morten L. Bech, Kimmo Soramaki, Federal Reserve Board of New York Staff report, July 2006 (2006-4136J)

The Topology of Interbank Payment Flows, Soramaki, K, ML Bech, J Arnold, RJ Glass, and WE Beyeler, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports, no. 243, March 2006

Sensitivity of the resilience of congested random networks to rolloff and offset in truncated power-law degree distributions, LaViolette, R., W. E. Beyeler, R. J. Glass, K. L. Stamber, and H. Link.  Physica A:Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Vol 368, Issue 1, 1 August 2006, pp 287-293. (PDF 278KB)) (Online version)