Related Studies

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Much of CASoS Engineering’s modeling and simulation capability has been developed within problem specific applications. Some analytical methodologies, however, cross cut all applicatioms. Descriptions of our work in these areas are accessible via the links on the left.

Problem solutions can be devised based on an understanding of the affected system(s) and how it will behave when perturbed, but solutions that are robust to uncertainty (those that produce better outcomes no matter the conditions) are the ones we strive to develop in cases where the consequences are severe.

The ability of systems to adapt can be part of problem solution as well as a risk factor. Adaptation has been handled in our models and analyses (up to now) by the inclusion of condition-dependant behaviors, evaluating uncertainty through compliance with a particular rule or set of rules, or by allowing market forces to determine which entities receive resources. Model parameter uncertainties have been evaluated in our applications using Monte Carlo methods. Structural uncertainties and scaling issues have been treated using multiple modeling approaches. Including adaptation in behavioral models, developing statistics that are meaningful for evaluating CASoS and the development and testing of fundamental models are all areas where we need a concerted effort in order to evolve the discipline of CASoS engineering.