Areas of Application

CASoS Engineering: Areas of Application
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Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems, or CASoS, are vastly complex eco-socio-economic-technical systems. Disruptions in CASoS have the potential for far-reaching effects due to highly-saturated interdependencies and allied vulnerabilities to cascades in associated systems. Applications to real world problems are the driving force of the CASoS Engineering effort.

The domains in which we have developed applications are linked in the column at left.

The figure at right provides a view of our applications space as a network of perturbations, CASoS and aspirations for solutions; illustrating the breadth of problems that would benefit from integrated risk analysis and risk mitigation design.

Applications require:

  • model capability development that enhances our understanding of high impact situations or issues in particular CASoS with the ability to affect global security
  • development and testing of theories about the vulnerabilities, strengths, and risks of general CASoS
  • development of an integrated modeling and analysis environment to understand and communicate the key conditions, parameters and adaptive behaviors relative to the application goals

There are significant gaps in what is done and what needs to be done to build the CASoS Engineering discipline. The history of Applications (in red font on the graphic) shows where we are.