Version 2.0.0 Beta – 2007/6/25

Changed the grid from the deformed grid to the global tessellated grid.

Added method getVersion() to all the interfaces.

Added the following methods to SlbmInterface to support regularization for tomography applications. See html documentation for more information:

  •  void getNodeNeighbors(const int& nid, int neighbors[], int& nNeighbors)
  •  void getNodeNeighbors(const int& nid, vector& neighbors)
  •  void getNodeNeighborInfo(const int& nid, int neighbors[], double distance[], double azimuth[], int& nNeighbors)
  •  void getNodeSeparation(const int& node1, const int& node2, double& distance)
  •  void getNodeAzimuth(const int& node1, const int& node2, double& azimuth)
  •  void initializeActiveNodes(const double& latmin, const double& lonmin, const double& latmax, const double& lonmax);
  •  void nextActiveNode(int& nodeId)
  •  void getNodeHitCount(const int& nodeId, int& hitCount)