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Partnerships and alliances

National Security Labs Day on Capitol Hill

Partnerships and Alliances

Sandian Heather Kraemer answers questions about B61-12 and other display models in the Stockpile Stewardship booth during National Laboratories Day on Capitol Hill, a major NNSA tri-labs effort.

The DOE-sponsored National Security Labs Day on Capitol Hill capped months of coordination to feature top scientists and engineers using hands-on displays to share with Congress how and why they do what they do. As part of the event, Sandia led a four-lab partnership to communicate that to date the B61-12 LEP is on schedule and budget, and how advanced engineering/science/computing capabilities enable stockpile stewardship, crossing over to benefit other missions including nuclear nonproliferation, homeland security, cyberspace, and national emergency response, all highlighted at the event. (160 and centers across the Labs)