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Ethics and business conduct

A new Ethics and Code of Conduct handbook

Thor: a novel megabar-class material-physics accelerator.

Through a project supported by DoD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  (DARPA), Sandia is developing technology to dramatically improve the endurance of legged robots, such as the Labs’ WANDERER and STEPPR robots seen here, helping them operate for long periods while performing the types of locomotion most relevant to disaster response scenarios. (Photo by Randy Montoya)

An expanded Sandia Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct was published. In addition to covering Sandia’s Vision, Mission, and Values, the handbook helps employees understand expectations for maintaining personal and institutional integrity, including responsibilities of being an employee of a Federally Funded Research and Development Center. This collaborative effort, led by Ethics, included contributions from Legal, Human Resources & Communications, CFO & Business Operations, Security, Environmental Safety and Health, and the Executive Office. (800)