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Aerial view of Sandia’s site in Livermore, California.

SANDIA NATIONAL LABORATORIES, with principal locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico (above), and Livermore, California (right), grew out of America’s World War II effort to develop the first atomic bombs. Today, keeping the US nuclear stockpile safe, secure, and effective is a major part of Sandia’s work as a multidisciplinary national security engineering laboratory. Sandia’s science, technology, and engineering foundations enable its unique mission. The Labs’ highly specialized research staff is at the forefront of innovation, collaborating with universities and companies and performing multidisciplinary science and engineering research programs with significant impact on US security.

About this publication

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To view a PDF version of the Labs Accomplishments in its original, printed form, go here.

This year’s Labs Accomplishments highlights some of Sandia’s best work during 2016, as submitted by the Labs’ Center offices and selected by Division offices. Readers will see numbers in parentheses following many of the entries that indicate the Centers (as of FY16) where the bulk of the work was performed for those accomplishments.