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From innovation to industry

A recently signed New Mexico law enables Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories to assist in turning transferred technology into viable products and services, which could boost innovation and create jobs, according to Sandia business development experts.

Two campaigns expand Labs’ research portfolios

To deter attempts to disable U.S. electrical utilities and to defend U.S. nuclear weapon systems from evolving technological threats, Sandia has begun two multiyear initiatives to strengthen U.S. responses.

Sandia supports hypersonic flight test

Sandia employees and contractors saw their work culminate in a hypersonic flight test conducted by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army on March 19 at the Kauai Test Facility in Hawaii.

Innovate New Mexico features two Sandia inventors

The seventh annual Innovate New Mexico Technology Showcase gave researchers from institutions across the state the opportunity to pitch technologies to industry representatives and investors. Sandia sponsored the event this year, and two Labs researchers presented along with 10 scientists from six additional organizations.

Excellence in action

Sandia’s Laboratory Operating System program honored three teams that demonstrated lean thinking and behavior, improved operations and saved the Labs time and money in fiscal year 2019. Labs Director James S. Peery, Deputy Labs Director Dori Ellis and Business Excellence Director Joan Tafoya honored the teams at a ceremony in February, highlighting their innovations and how the teams challenged the status quo.

Heroes waiting to be discovered

Since the beginnings of Sandia National Laboratories, Sandians have made the unthinkable not only thinkable, but also plannable and doable. Over time, we’ve tempered ourselves, studying and devising an assortment of ways to deter, defend against and blunt all manner of threats.

More than $80K raised for food bank during 15-day campaign

Sandia employees were given 15 days, but it only took an hour and a half on April 1 to raise $15,000, the amount the Labs pledged to match from its corporate contribution program for a donation to the Roadrunner Food Bank in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Community Involvement team upped the match to $25,000 that afternoon.

Tele-connecting while telecommuting

With a significant portion of Sandia employees telecommuting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many internal organizations are working hard to keep people healthy and connected while supporting the Labs’ mission.

Girls get world-class STEM experience, inspiration

Dozens of middle school girls from the Techbridge Girls program in Oakland visited Sandia’s California campus on March 4 during STEM Day for Girls. The girls were welcomed by Energy and Homeland Security Program Management Director Marcey Hoover.