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Sandia scientists achieve breakthrough in tackling PFAS contamination

A team is developing materials to tackle one of the biggest problems in the world and a major national security issue: human exposure to PFAS through contaminated water and other products.

Spotlight on nuclear incident and WMD response

Teams across the Labs attended the showcase to learn about training drills and exercises in response to incidents involving WMDs and radiological materials.

Linton Brooks: Chief negotiator to mentor

Former Ambassador Brooks stepped down from the NTESS Board of Managers in May. In an interview with Lab News, he reflects on his exciting career in public service, from a nuclear-powered submariner to negotiating treaties and leading NNSA.

World Blood Donor Day challenge

Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratory are competing to donate the most units of blood in June. Sign up for blood drives on June 13 and June 27.

Careerapalooza sparks career growth

The event will offer opportunities for Sandians to explore career advancement by attending panel discussions, workshopping their résumés, meeting with mentors and more.

Mark Herrmann: Achieving first-ever fusion ignition

Herrman's discussion about the major scientific feat was the first event in the Pathfinders in Science and Technology Seminar Series.

Sandians observe National Day of Prayer

About 120 Sandians and others from Kirtland Air Force Base gathered at Hardin Field and virtually to pray for the Labs, the nation and more.

Sandia Fellow Lonnie Love: Adventures in manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing expert Lonnie Love recently joined Sandia from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He aims to elevate the Labs' expertise in digitally designing and manufacturing complex structures.

Managers plant tomatoes for food pantries

Volunteers planted hundreds of tomato plants on May 13 with Seed2Need.

Sandia celebrates Pride Month

The Sandia Pride Action Network has organized several events and opportunities to connect during June.