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Powerful Sandia machine-learning model shows diamond melting at high pressure

Improvements to software and hardware shorten the process from one year to a day.

How Sandia is revealing the inner workings of quantum computers

Researchers use gate set tomography to discover and validate two innovations, now published in Nature.

Team develops roadmap to automated driving future

A group of international engineers from Sandia and partner organizations are working to understand how challenges on the road can be entered into a computer to achieve highly automated driving in demanding environments.

Eight Sandia volunteers assist in tram car rescue on New Year’s Day

Volunteer teams and municipal groups braved snowstorms to rescue 21 people trapped in tram cars overnight. Shane Ruzinsky and Craig Tenney, Sandia employees and rescue team members, recount their experiences that day.

USSTRATCOM commander visits Labs, addresses staff

During Adm. Charles Richard’s visit on Jan. 10, he thanked Sandia for its work on B61-12 and W88 ALT 370, which recently marked their first production unit milestones.

Fairygodboss community recognizes Sandia among best places for women to work

The largest career community for women ranked the Labs among the Best Companies for Women and Best Companies Where CEOs Support Gender Diversity for the second year in a row.

Sandia, Lawrence Livermore labs leaders discuss Tri-Valley innovation economy

Both national security labs have partnered with a local business initiative to strengthen the science-based startup economy in California’s Tri-Valley region.

Luggage drive provides hope, healing

Sandia staff donated more than 50 suitcases, duffel bags and backpacks to benefit the Family Advocacy Center, which assists victims of domestic violence.