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Town Hall highlights achievements, engagement survey results

Image of Sandia Town Hall in Feb 2022
INFORMED AND ENGAGED — Labs Director James Peery, left, led a virtual Labs Town Hall on Feb. 17, discussing leadership changes, the hybrid work model, awards, program accomplishments, the federal budget process and Sandia’s “very good” rating on the annual Performance Evaluation Report from NNSA.
“The amount of work we’re getting done, the impact it’s having on the nation is unprecedented,” James said. “This is an outstanding time to do world-class engineering and research in support of our national security.”
Executive Director and Chief Human Resources Officer Brian Carter, center, shared results of the Employee Engagement Survey and spoke about upcoming initiatives.
“It really is about this connectiveness between the employee and an organization,” Brian said about employee engagement. “Another way of thinking of it is, what is the extent to which an employee is willing to give discretionary effort because of that level of connectiveness they have with the organization.”
Communications Director Frederick Bermudez, right, moderated the Town Hall.
A video of the Labs Town Hall can be found on the Digital Media Library. (Photo by Lonnie Anderson)