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FAIR DEAL Grand Challenge Overview

Allemang, Christopher R.; Anderson, Evan M.; Baczewski, Andrew D.; Bussmann, Ezra B.; Butera, Robert E.; Campbell, DeAnna M.; Campbell, Quinn C.; Carr, Stephen M.; Frederick, Esther F.; Gamache, Phillip G.; Gao, Xujiao G.; Grine, Albert D.; Gunter, Mathew M.; Halsey, Connor H.; Ivie, Jeffrey A.; Katzenmeyer, Aaron M.; Leenheer, Andrew J.; Lepkowski, William L.; Lu, Tzu-Ming L.; Mamaluy, Denis M.; Mendez Granado, Juan P.; Pena, Luis F.; Schmucker, Scott W.; Scrymgeour, David S.; Tracy, Lisa A.; Wang, George T.; Ward, Dan W.; Young, Steve M.

While it is likely practically a bad idea to shrink a transistor to the size of an atom, there is no arguing that it would be fantastic to have atomic-scale control over every aspect of a transistor – a kind of crystal ball to understand and evaluate new ideas. This project showed that it was possible to take a niche technique used to place dopants in silicon with atomic precision and apply it broadly to study opportunities and limitations in microelectronics. In addition, it laid the foundation to attaining atomic-scale control in semiconductor manufacturing more broadly.