Science of Extreme Environments Research Institute (SEERI)

The SEERI program lays the foundation for developing the next generation of scientists and engineers working in the pulsed power arena.  Could this be your future?

Undergraduate and graduate students are provided with the opportunity to gain experience working at a world class pulsed power facility in the areas of radiation effects sciences, pulsed power engineering, and high energy density sciences.

Students are offered hands on flexible, challenging, interesting, and cutting edge research opportunities. These hands on experiences are supplemented with technical seminars and facility tours which expose students to the broad range of engineering and scientific disciplines represented at Sandia.

Innovative Student Projects

  • Radiation effects studies with ion photon emission microscopy
  • Plutonium containment in the Z machine
  • Spectral unfolding using processed pinhole images
  • Modeling and simulation support of high-pressure shock physics or laboratory magnetic field applications
  • Use of quantum molecular dynamics codes base on density functional theory and Quantum Monte Carlo
  • Code development for modeling and simulation activities
  • Development and application of experimental tools to assess the performance of materials and electronics in severe radiation environments

Student Interns are provided the opportunity and encouraged to present their work and accomplishments to their peers and the Sandia scientific community every August.  In some cases students are asked to present their work at professional conferences.

The SEERI Experience

Program Details:

  • Competitive selection process
  • 13-week summer institute
  • Short courses, lectures, tours
  • Weekly speaker series
  • On-campus research option during academic year
  • Research paper
  • Mentoring by Sandia Laboratory staff

Program Strengths, noted by student interns:

  • Flexible research opportunities
  • Challenging and interesting work
  • Mentors in my career field
  • Putting classroom theory into practical use
  • Hands-on research and data collection experience
  • Real-world, mechanical engineering, and business experience

Internship and Career Opportunities

Sandia welcomes student interns, co-ops, and postdoctoral fellows.  We provide world-class mentoring and opportunities to research issues of global significance. Want to learn more?