Projects using Portals 4.0

A number of projects provide support for Portals 4 as an underlying transport engine. Please contact us if you have a project you would like added to the list.

Open MPI The Open MPI development trunk provides support for Portals 4 for point to point, collectives, and one-sided communication. Open MPI 1.7, released spring of 2013, includes point-to-point support for Portals 4, with support for collectives and one-sided pexpected late in 2013. The Open MPI page includes instructions for obtaining and building the development trunk. The configure option --with-portals4=INSTALL_DIRECTORY is required to build Portals 4 support.

MPICH Work is ongoing to provide Portals 4 support for MPICH.

Portals SHMEM Portals SHMEM provides an implementation of the OpenSHMEM 1.0 standard over Portals 4. The implementation provides a complete implementation of the C and FORTRAN bindings and does not require a SHMEM-level progress thread or function.

GASNet GASNet 1.20.2 and later include Portals 4 support for the core API. Extended API support will be released fall of 2013.

Berkeley UPC – Unified Parallel C Berkeley UPC 2.16.2 includes Portals 4 support through GASNet.. GNU UPC The GNU UPC project provides Portals 4 support through a port by Intrepid Technologies, Inc.

Qthreads Qthreads is a lightweight threading library which utilizes Portals 4 for multi-node thread spawning. The Portals 4.0/Qthreads integration work is experimental and likely to see interface and semantic changes as the design evolves.