Portals 3.3

Portals 3.3 was the final specification in the Portals 3 series of specifications. Portals 3 was the first Portals implementation to adopt a function-based API, instead of the structure-based building blocks found in previous implementations. Portals 3 saw use on both the Cplant platform (Portals 3.0) and the Cray Red Storm/XT3/XT4/XT5 series (Portals 3.3).


Portals 3.3 Specification [PDF]


A reference implementaiton of Portals 3.3 was developed during development of the specification. The implementation provides a layered approach suitable for developing advanced implementations, including those over hardware.

Note that the Portals 3.3 reference implementation is no longer supported. We provide the code for historical purposes.

Portals 3.3 Reference Implementation [tar]