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Q&A with 2019 Truman Fellows

Sandia will welcome two new Truman Fellows in October. Pauli Kehayias and Thomas O’Connor will join the Labs for the next three years to apply breakthroughs they have made in their respective fields to Sandia applications.

Detecting quark nuggets, a candidate for extreme ball lightning and dark matter

Thirteen years ago, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Science and Technology Pace VanDevender retired from Sandia to become an 18th-century style “gentleman physicist.” He wanted to understand two mysteries before he died: puzzling electromagnetic signals observed on the Los Alamos-Sandia FORTE satellite and extreme ball lightning.

Sandia hosts Albuquerque’s first CyberPatriot Advanced CyberCamp

About 20 middle and high school students came to Sandia for Albuquerque’s first CyberPatriot Advanced CyberCamp, a weeklong cybersecurity workshop supporting the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program. The workshop taught students advanced security concepts and prepared them for an upcoming competition season this fall.

‘A win-win for everybody’

Students from more than 40 New Mexico schools benefitted from Sandia’s annual K-12 Computer Donation Event, where more than 1,100 computers and related accessories were distributed.

Strongest of the strong

Tiffany Tafoya, a Sandia missile defense technologist, deadlifts cars and carries around giant heavy stones in her free time. She’s also really good at it. Tiffany trains in strongman, a weightlifting-based sport that involves physical and mental strength, speed and endurance.