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Technical Library trio makes worldwide change

Technical Library trio makes worldwide change

In October 2005, libraries all over the world will view a revised cataloging tag that will broaden the scope for cataloging classified or restricted documents.

The newly revised 583 action tag will be published in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format, October 2005 Edition. What the librarians who receive this reference tool and catalog materials according to MAchine Readable Cataloging (MARC) may not realize is that three Library staff members from Sandia’s Technical Library persevered to create this change.

Teresa Gilbert, Jennifer Miller, and Jessica Shaffer-Gant (all 9536) are the influences behind the changes to this tag, which can now be used to record report classification changes or reviews.

Previously, there was no appropriate MARC tag to record historical classification information. With the new modification to the 583 action tag, catalogers will be able to maintain records of these restriction changes, downgrades, upgrades, reviews, etc.; the authorization; date; and other pertinent information.

In October 2003, during sessions to discuss cataloging procedures of classified reports, conflicting opinions arose about how to record historical classification actions. Jennifer, who was team leader of the Technical Library’s Cataloging Operations, decided to look to the Library of Congress (LC) for guidance.

LC asked for Sandia’s input, and Teresa, Jennifer, and Jessica wrote a proposal to create a new MARC tag. They submitted the proposal in spring 2004.
After review, LC suggested modification to an existing tag. The Technical Library trio drafted a new proposal in May of this year. They gave examples of potential uses for the revised tag for special libraries as well as traditional libraries, globally.

Within two weeks the Library of Congress accepted the proposal.

“I’m really pleased that we could make an impact by teaming with the Library of Congress,” says Jennifer.

The Technical Library has already started implementing the revised tag into its internal procedures.

“We resolved an issue rather than having to work around it,” says Teresa. “Hopefully this change will be as useful to other libraries as it will be for us.”

“Its really exciting that our hard work paid off,” says Jennifer.