DOE Peer Review 2021

The 2021 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review was held October 26-28 virtually.

Most presentations and posters are available for download from the links within the agenda below.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Presentation TitlePresenterOrganization
WelcomeImre GyukDirector, DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program
Welcome & Workshop OverviewHoward PassellSandia National Laboratories
WelcomeCharles HanleySenior Manager Grid Mod & Resilient Infrastructures, Sandia National Laboratories
Sandia National Laboratories IntroductionBabu ChalamalaManager, Sandia National Laboratories ES Program
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory IntroductionVince SprenkleManager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ES Program
Oak Ridge National Laboratory IntroductionMichael StarkeManager, Oak Ridge National Laboratory ES Program
Program Overview Dan Borneo (Session Lead)Sandia National Laboratories
Alliant Energy Decorah Battery – Expanding Hosting Capacity Sarah MartzAlliant Energy – Interstate Power & Light
Atrisco Heritage Academy High School – Battery Storage for Peak Shaving Anthony (Tony) SparksAlbuquerque Public Schools
Energy Storage Control for Maximum Remote Alaskan Microgrid BenefitWilliam ThomsonAlaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC)
Rural Energy Storage Deployment Program (RESDP) Lauren KhairNRECA
DOE Energy Storage Demonstration Projects Waylon Clark & Henry GuanSandia National Laboratories
Washington Grid Modernization Update Robert KirchmeierWashington State University Energy Program
Roundtable: Policy
Will McNamara (Moderator) Sandia National Laboratories
Randel PiloPublic Service Commission of Wisconsin
Joan WhiteVermont Public Service Commission
Molly KnollMaryland Public Service Commission
KeynoteAnjuli Jain Figueroa DOE Office of Economic Impact and Diversity
Program Overview Rebecca O’Neil (Session Lead) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage for Social Equity Research Bethel TarekegnePacific Northwest National Laboratory
Toward Cost-Effective and Resilient Microgrids Di WuPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Regulatory Research and Technical AssistanceJeremy TwitchellPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Decarbonization and Storage Modeling with New Mexico Bobby JeffersSandia National Laboratories
Policy & Outreach Initiatives; Energy Equity Will McNamaraSandia National Laboratories
Equity Considerations: Washington State Ferries and Seattle City LightUzma Siddiqi,
Matt Von Ruden
Seattle City Light ,
Washington State Ferries
Roundtable: The Convergence of Equity & Resilience
Bobby Jeffers (Moderator)Sandia National Laboratories
Bethel Tarekegne (Co-Moderator)Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Clark MillerArizona State University
Shay BahramiradQuanta Technology
Tamara MarcusLinn County Iowa
Christina NicholsGroundswell
KeynoteWahleah JohnsSenior Advisor, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs
Roundtable: Tribal Energy
Sandra Begay (Moderator)Sandia National Laboratories
Les RubinPicuris Pueblo
Scott ClowUte Mountain Ute Tribe
Derrick TerryNavajo Tribal Utility Authority

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Presentation TitlePresenterOrganization
Welcome and Day 1 RecapImre GyukDirector, DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program
KeynoteLola InfanteElectric Power Research Institute
Program OverviewErik Spoerke (Session Lead) Sandia National Laboratories
Low Temperature Molten Sodium BatteriesLeo SmallSandia National Laboratories
Mechanical, Microstructural, and Electrochemical Characterization of NaSICON Sodium Ion Conductors Yang-Tse ChengUniversity of Kentucky
(I) Intermediate Temperature Na Battery Technologies (II) Long Duration/Seasonal Battery Development Guosheng LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Na-ion batteries: Development and Scaling-up of Advanced Cathode Materials Biwei XiaoPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Deep Dive into the Oxygen Anion Redox in Na Layered Oxide Cathodes Synthesized by Eutectic Ilias BelharouakOak Ridge National Laboratory
Roundtable: Long Duration Energy Storage
Scott Litzelman (Moderator)ARPA-E
Jesse JenkinsPrinceton University
Dan SteingartColumbia University
Asegun HenryMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Program OverviewWei Wang (Session Lead) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Ambient Temperature Polysulfide-Based Redox Flow Batteries and Membrane Development Jagjit NandaOak Ridge National Laboratory
Sandia’s Flow Battery Membrane Development Cy FujimotoSandia National Laboratories
Reversible ketone hydrogenation and dehydrogenation for aqueous organic redox flow batteriesRuozhu FengPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Long-Lifetime Aqueous Soluble Organic Flow Battery Development Michael AzizHarvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Understanding the stability of positive electrode materials for aqueous organic redox flow batteriesSri NarayanUniversity of Southern California
Non-aqueous flow battery : Materials DevelopmentRangachary Mukundan Los Alamos National Laboratory
Roundtable: Storage Supply Chain Challenges
Benjamin Shrager (Moderator) DOE Office of Electricity
Max HickeyLi-Cycle
Jonathan WeisgallBerkshire Hathaway Energy
Andy MillerBenchmark
Michael SandersAvicenne Energy
Program OverviewTim Lambert (Session Lead)Sandia National Laboratories
Improving Cycle Life and Utilization in lead acid batteries: a multiscale approach Tim FisterArgonne National Laboratory
Advanced Aqueous Zn Batteries Xiaolin LiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries for Grid Scale StorageAmy MarschilokStony Brook University
Zinc-Air Flow Batteries: One Step at a TimeThomas ZawodzinskiOak Ridge National Laboratory/University of Tennessee Knoxville
Engineering Rechargeability in MnO2 Cathodes for low-cost and safe batteries Joshua GallawayNortheastern University
Progress In Zinc Manganese Dioxide Battery Installations For Stationary Energy Storage Applications Sanjoy BanerjeeUrban Electric Power, Inc./The City College of New York
KeynoteU.S. Representative Sean Casten6th Congressional District of Illinois
KeynoteU.S. Representative Bill Foster11th Congressional District of Illinois

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Presentation TitlePresenterOrganization
Welcome and Day 2 RecapImre GyukDirector, DOE Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program
KeynoteMichael PesinDOE Office of Electricity, Advanced Grid Research and Development Division
IntelliVent Explosion Prevention SystemMatt Paiss (Session Lead) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Update on ESS Reliability Codes & StandardsRyan FranksPacific Northwest National Laboratory
LIM1TR: Lithium-ion Modeling with 1-D Thermal Runaway Andrew KurzawskiSandia National Laboratories
Battery Archive – A Public Battery Data Repository Yuliya PregerSandia National Laboratories
2nd Life Test Protocol Development, Project Update Charlie VartanianPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Data Collection and AI for Safety Database in Partnership with SandiaHsin WangOak Ridge National Laboratory
Roundtable: Supporting Decarbonization & Electrification
Tom King (Moderator)Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Joe HoaglandTennessee Valley Authority
Keith DennisNRECA
Ted Miller Ford Motor Company
Program OverviewStan Atcitty (Session Lead) Sandia National Laboratories
Efficient power electronics enabled by 3.3kV Silicon Carbide Switches Subhashish BhattacharyaNC State University
GaN-Based Inverters for Grid-Tied Energy Storage Systems Mehdi FerdowsiInnoCit LLC
Resilient “Plug-n-Play” Storage Integrated Electricity Solutions for Off-Grid CommunitiesDeepakraj Divan Georgia Tech
Secondary Use Multi-Chemistry System Development Madhu ChinthavaliOak Ridge National Laboratory
Integrated DC/DC power converters for optimal operation of hybrid battery packs Valerio De AngelisSandia National Laboratories
GaN Enabled Efficient Plug-and-Play Battery Energy Storage System Alex HuangUniversity of Texas at Austin
Roundtable: Energy Storage Integration
Charlie Vartanian (Moderator)Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Performance Data & Analysis for BESS Reliability AdvancementSteve WillardEPRI
IEEE P1547.9: A new standard to help streamline energy storage interconnection with distributionMike RoppSandia National Laboratories
Electric Vehicle V2G AC Standard Integration by IEEE, SAE, ULHawk AsgeirssonPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Demonstration and economy of Energy Storage Systems based on Second-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries Paul LeufkensSouthern Research
Program OverviewRay Byrne (Session Lead)Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Evaluation Tool (ESET)Di WuPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage Controls and Hybridization Related Efforts at PNNL Jan AlamPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage Long-Term Expansion PlanningDhruv BhatnagarPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Long Duration Storage for Dispatchable Renewable Generation and QuEST UpdatesTu NguyenSandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage System Modeling for Extreme Climates Walker OlisSandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Financing Study & Energy Storage Pricing Study Richard BaxterMustang Prairie
Probabilistic Integrated Resource Planning ToolHisham OthmanQuanta Technology
KeynoteU.S. Representative Melanie Stansbury1st Congressional District of New Mexico