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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) Publications

DateTitleReport No. Author(s)
2020-06Power-to-Gas System Valuation: Final ReportPNNL-ACT-10095P Balducci, D. Wu, T. Ramachandran, A. Campbell, V. Fotedar, K. Mongird, S. Huang, D. Bhatnagar, S. Jones, C. Smith, B. Beauregard, J.. Zwirko
2020-06Power-to-Gas Tool: User’s GuidePNNL-ACT-10097T. Ramachandran, P. Balducci, D. Wu
2020-02Development and Analysis of Control Strategies for a 1 MW/3.2 MWh Energy Storage System at Avista UtilitiesPNNL-29730J. Alam (PNNL), P. Balducci (PNNL), T. Hardy (PNNL), A. Bose (WSU), C. Liu (WSU), A. Srivastava (WSU), Y. Xu (WSU), T.J. Morrell (WSU), V. Venkatramanan (WSU), Y. Zhang (WSU), C. Liu (WSU)
2020-02Washington Clean Energy Fund: Energy Storage System Consolidated Performance Test ResultsPNNL-29378A. Crawford, D. Wu, V. Viswanathan, P. Balducci, C. Vartanian, T. Hardy, J. Alam, K. Mongird
2019-10Opportunities for Dispatchable Power Projects in the New England Independent System Operator AreaPNNL-29279V. Fotedar,P. Balducci, M. Warwick, D. Wu, D. Wang, K. Mongird
2019-09Nantucket Island Energy Storage System AssessmentPNNL-28941P. Balducci, J. Alam, T. McDermott, V. Fotedar, X. Ma, D. Wu, B. Bhatti, K. Mongird, B. Bhattarai, A. Crawford, S. Ganguli
2019-08Hawaiian Electric Companies Demand Response ToolPNNL-28956Y. Yuan, P. Balducci, K. Mongird, V. Fotedar, D. Wu, D. Bhatnagar
2019-07Energy Storage Technology and Cost Characterization ReportPNNL-28866K. Mongird, V. Viswanathan, P. Balducci, J. Alam, V. Fotedar, V. Koritarov, B. Hadjerioua
2019-07Puget Sound Energy Glacier Energy Storage System: An Assessment of Battery Technical PerformancePNNL-28379A. Crawford, J. Alam, V. Viswanathan, D. Wu, C. Vartanian, P. Balducci, K. Mongird
2019-07Avista Turner Energy Storage System: An Assessment of Battery Technical PerformancePNNL-28480A. Crawford,P. Balducci, V. Viswanathan,D. Wu,C. Vartanian,T. Hardy,J. Alam,K. Mongird
2019-06Shell Energy North America’s Hydro Battery System: Final Market Assessment ReportPNNL-27620P. Balducci, R. Fan, K. Mongird, J. Alam, A. Somani, J. Steenkamp, D. Wu, D. Bhatnagar, Y. Yuan
2019-03Snohomish Public Utility District MESA 2: An Assessment of Battery Technical PerformancePNNL-28478A. Crawford, D. Wu, V. Viswanathan, C. Vartanian, J. Alam, K. Mongird, P. Balducci
2018-07Decatur Island Community Solar and Energy Storage Project – Preliminary Economic AssessmentPNNL-27696K. Mongird, P. Balducci, J. Alam, Y. Yuan, D. Wu, T. Hardy, J. Mietzner, T. Neal, R. Guerry, J. Kimball
2018-02Determination of Duty Cycles for Energy Storage Systems Providing Frequency Regulation and Peak Shaving Services with var SupportPNNL-27314-1J. Alam, A. Crawford, V. Viswanathan
2018-01Snohomish Public Utility District MESA-1: An Assessment of Battery Technical PerformancePNNL-27237V. Viswanathan, D. Wu, A. Crawford, T. Hardy, J. Alam, K. Mongird, P. Balducci
2017-04Washington Clean Energy Fund: Energy Storage System Performance Test Plans and Data RequirementsPNNL-26492V. Viswanathan, A. Crawford, P. Balducci, T. Hardy, J. Alam, D. Wu
2016-06Energy Storage System Guide for Compliance with Safety Codes and StandardsPNNL-SA-118870D. Conover, P. Cole
2014-06Determination of Duty Cycle for Energy Storage Systems Integrated with MicrogridsPNNL-23390D. Conover, V. Viswanathan, A. Crawford
2014-06Protocol for Uniformly Measuring and Expressing the Performance of Energy Storage SystemsPNNL-22010 Rev. 1D. Conover, V. Viswanathan, A. Crawford, S. Ferreira, D. Schoenwald

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