UUEB Nomenclature

Typical event catalogs present information in event based formats because there is a one-to-many relationship between events and observing stations (each event is ‘seen’ by more than one station). This UUEB catalog version is station-based. Each row is an observation from a single station. The following table describes the column entries for each row in the UUEB catalog, which is available in .pkl format within a zip file

UUEB Catalog Field Descriptions

Field NameDescriptionExample
xchannel, frequency, time; data arrayx.shape = (3, 48, 40)
chanSEED channel nameEHZ
netIRIS network codeUU
staSEED station nameROA
datetimeobspy datetime string2011-01-0T00:00:22.410000Z
depthevent depth (km)0.0
idevent id990
evloevent longitude-110.42
D evlaevent latitude39.6044
ampsignal amplitude11.4
typeevent type label by geographic locationMIE
dsizenumber of channels (tri=3, single=1)single
stlostation longitude-110.365
stlastation latitude39.6615
distsource-receiver distance (m)7944.19